Over many years, we have worked closely with mentors, coaches and advisers. We focus on the strategic challenges that we face at key points in the development of our own business. And this focus helps deliver results that help us get ahead of the competition.

We also work with experts who are willing to share their knowledge, experience and expertise with us. We continuously refresh and enhance our skills to achieve our personal goals and ambitions.

In this fast moving, tech savvy and competitive world, this investment in our business and in ourselves is vital.

Practical support and guidance

We have benefitted significantly from the business development support and training we have been fortunate to access. And we’re fully committed to helping our clients to benefit in the same way.

So, if you are a business owner – or you have responsibility for PR, marketing or business development - now is the right time to work with us!

Whether you are trying to generate media coverage, attract new clients or build a sales pipeline to support business growth, we can help you succeed.

Dab Hand at Business

We have developed an agile training programme for clients who, like you, are willing to work hard to get results for themselves and their business.

We offer cost-effective, practical and actionable training and support in person or online and in groups or one-on-one – whatever works best for you.

The training and support is delivered through a mix of webinars, workshops and masterclasses - dependent on what is most appropriate.

And, for each training session, we provide a step-by-step guide, workbook, done for you script, template or cheat sheet - based on the tools and techniques we’ve used successfully to achieve results in our own business.

Tailored for you

one2one Service

We have a small number of spots available each month for our one2one and bespoke services.

The one2one service is delivered via a weekly 1 hour Skype or phone call – with the option of meeting up once a month.

The bespoke service is totally tailored for you! By way of example, this may require the development of a ‘done with you’ business case, PR strategy or marketing plan. Alternatively, you may be looking for media training to be delivered - onsite or offsite – for you, your colleagues or your key spokespeople.

If you’d like to arrange an initial 30-minute session to discuss your requirements, please click here and enter your details in the contact form. In advance of the call, we will send you a pre-engagement questionnaire to help us understand what you want to achieve and why.

By the end of this free session, we will have discovered how we can best work together to reach your goals.

Group Coaching

Whatever your specific area of interest – PR, marketing or business growth – we offer an online group coaching programme, delivered weekly by email, webinar or podcast.

The next intake, which will be in the *Autumn, has a staggered start date so you have the choice of joining one, two or three modules. And, if you decide to sign-up for all three, you will be offered a discount together with a payment plan.

Whatever you decide, we’ll kick-off the training by looking at what you want to achieve and why.

As a taster, we have listed some of the content that we’ll be sharing with you:

Dab Hand at

Business planning – a ‘done for you’ blueprint.

Daily habits for successful business owners.

How bad clients are forcing out your dream customers!

How to build productive relationships through networking.

How to build an effective sales pipeline and sell more?

* Next intake is September 2016

Dab Hand at

How to write a press release that gets business results?

How to successfully pitch your story to a journalist.

How to work with bloggers and other key influencers.

How to prepare for TV and radio interviews.

How to become a thought leader in your industry?

* Next intake is October 2016

Dab Hand at

The power of brand storytelling.

Tips and tricks to create compelling content.

How to find your dream customers?

How to grow and maintain your email list.

How to generate leads that convert to profitable sales!

* Next intake is November 2016

Before the start of each training, we will update and add content to take account of any changes to best practice and what has worked for us in our business - ensuring that the online lessons, resources and assignments deliver value-for-money and a measurable return on your investment.

If you’d like to find out more about the Dab Hand programme, click here to submit your email ID.