Our Approach

With commercial experience across a wide range of industries and market sectors, we work closely with innovative and tech savvy clients, of all shapes and sizes, in the public and private sector.

We always take time to fully understand your goals and we tailor our strategies and plans to ensure we achieve measurable results that deliver business value.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve been honoured to develop marketing, communication and business development strategies for a wide range of clients in the UK, Europe and USA. And, in addition, we’ve been privileged to share the lessons that we’ve learnt with business owners and other like-minded individuals on a 1-2-1 basis – as well as with groups of creatives, communicators and international service providers.

We have specific experience in B2B marketing and we have used our expertise to launch tech start-up companies and to market innovative products and services. We’ve also used this expertise to engage effectively with stakeholders and to position public sector initiatives with targeted groups, including: customers, partners, influencers, opinion formers and other key stakeholders.

Along the way, we’ve successfully developed, refined and tested our own approach; proving that we deliver results that delight our clients!


  • We value relationships and treat all of our clients as individuals.
  • We take time to fully understand your business and your unique requirements.
  • We embrace collaboration, working closely with our clients, partners and suppliers to achieve great results.
  • We develop project plans but we are flexible enough to cope with change.
  • We are focused on the 4 strategic planning processes: insight, ideas, implementation and impact.
  • And, we always apply the 5 key project management principles:


  • Before we kick-off any project, we will ask you to complete a pre-engagement questionnaire and, if we feel we can be of help, we’ll invite you to join a ‘discovery session’ to ensure that we have a mutual understanding of what needs to be achieved and that the project is fully scoped.
  • We will also undertake desk research and, ideally, review your business plan, your outline PR or marketing strategy and plan, and your brochures, adverts, press releases or other documentation that may prove helpful.
  • Budget allowing, we’ll spend time working alongside you to gain an in-depth understanding of your company, customers, goals and approach – ensuring that we fully understand and share your vision, mission, aims and objectives.
  • We’ll also work with you to identify and map your key stakeholders, including: partners, customers, competitors, suppliers, opinion formers, influencers, beneficiaries and other interested parties.
  • We’ll talk with a selection (typically up to 10) of your stakeholders to quickly identify their needs and attitudes as well as their perceptions of your company, your products and / or your services.
  • And, last but not least, we’ll identify the key messages to be communicated to each of the key individuals and stakeholder groups before we create a message matrix to support an appropriate marketing and / or communications programme to meet your needs.


  • Based on what we discover during the discovery process, we’ll then present you with an effective marketing and / or communications strategy for your review and sign-off.
  • This will be supported by a detailed plan that captures your priorities plus any ‘quick wins’ that we may have identified along the way.
  • As importantly, the detailed plan will support the agreed strategy and define or specify the deliverables required to effectively support both the strategic and tactical plans.


  • Once we’ve defined or specified what key deliverables are required and why, we’ll then create an action plan to prioritise what needs to be developed, by who and by when.
  • At a high level, this may include the development of:
  • Perception audit
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Communications plan
  • Website
  • Media relations programme
  • Launch event
  • Social media campaign
  • eMailshots
  • Lead magnets
  • Other sales collateral and / or fulfilment packs


  • Working as part of your team, we will ensure that everything that is required to support the agreed strategy and plan is developed and delivered within pre-agreed time, quality and budget constraints.
  • And, as our valued client, you will retain control at all times; with opportunities at key intervals throughout the process to review, revise and approve all materials developed.
  • We encourage a process of continuous feedback and we will refine until we have a portfolio of deliverables that we are all proud of!
  • By the end of the process, we will have everything in place to present your organisation in the most appropriate and compelling way – in line with what we agreed during the discovery and define stages of the process!


  • Throughout the planning and delivery process, we’ll ensure that we have the necessary tools in place to monitor, measure and track outcomes.
  • Post-delivery, we’ll analyse and report on the results achieved.
  • And, as importantly, we’ll highlight the ‘lessons learnt’ and recommend any changes required to help you achieve your longer term goals and objectives.


  • At the end of the project, we’d be happy to ‘hold your hand’ as you take the reigns or to continue working with you 1-2-1, online or in person!
  • At the end of the day, we’d simply like to see you build on the successes achieved in whatever way suits you best.